Rockaway Records was a DIY label. It issued at least two 7"s by The Cybermen, from Cambridge: an EP containing 'Cybernetic Surgery' and three other tracks (AERE-101; 6/78), and a single, 'You're To Blame' b/w 'It's You I Want' (LUV-002; 1/80).   Pressing was done by Aerco, of Woking.  The labels of the two records shared the same design but were coloured differently: the first was black and red, the second black and white.. Distributed By Rockaway Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Cybermen  Cybernetic Surgery ROCKAWAY  AERE  101
79 Cybermen  Here I Go Again / "Scum Surfin'  (never pressed) ROCKAWAY  AERE  102
78 Not Issued ROCKAWAY LUV 001
78 Cybermen You're To Blame ROCKAWAY LUV 002

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