Independent label from the Punk / New Wave years: Rock Steady Records was owned by Michael Ward of the Suns of Arqa and based in Manchester.  Albums and singles generally shared the same MICK-000 numerical series; the catalogue numbers suggest that Rock Steady issued at least eleven records in that series but the block from 003 to 006 seems not to have been used.  The singles shared a common label design but had several different colour schemes.  MICK-009, Cathy LaCreme's, 'I Married A Cult Figure From Salford' (1980) did well enough to merit a reissue, on Ovation Records.  Titles such as that and Caspar G. McCloud's, 'Messin' Around In School' (MICK-007; 9/79) seem to suggest that Rock Steady had a less serious side to it than some of its competitors had.  Distribution was by The Cartel and One Stop, and the company appears to have operated from 1979 to 1981. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Suns Of Arqa Revenge Of The Mozabites (Album) ROCK STEADY  MICKL 01
79 Sprout Head Uprising Early Spring (Album) ROCK STEADY  MICKL 02
79 Not Issued ROCK STEADY  MICK 003
79 Not Issued ROCK STEADY  MICK 004
79 Not Issued ROCK STEADY  MICK 005
79 Not Issued ROCK STEADY  MICK 006
79 Caspar Messin' Around ROCK STEADY  MICK 007
79 DiVersion Champs Elysees ROCK STEADY  MICK 008
80 Cathy La Crème / The Cro-Tones I Married A Cult Figure From Salford / Tea Machine Dub ROCK STEADY  MICK 009
81 Suns Of Arqa Mozabites ROCK STEADY  MICK 010
81 Sprout Head Uprising Electric Animal ROCK STEADY  MICK 011

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