Independent label: Rock Records It issued at least two singles in 1979-80.  Unsurprisingly, given the label's name, both were by Rock bands.  The first was 'Home Made Wine' by NWOBHM trio the A. R. C. Rock Band (ROCK-1; 12/79), the second Slender Thread's 'I See The Light' (MHMS-193; 1980).   'Home Made Wine' had a white label with black printing: the top half was shaded, there was a picture of a lump of rock above the spindle, and a sun at roughly one o'clock.   The Slender Thread record had a much more basic label, which is shown above.  The prefix MHMS appears to be proper to Modello Sound studios, of Herefordshire, where the Slender Thread recording was done.  The A.R.C. single's catalogue and matrix numbers, SJP-805 and LYN-7056, indicate that Fair Deal studios of Hayes did the recording and Lyntone the pressing.  Only 200 copies of the single were pressed.  Distributed By Rock Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 A.R.C. Rock Band Home Made Wine ROCK ROCK 1
80 Slender Thread I See The Light ROCK MHMS 193 / EJSP 9342

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