Independent label: Rochelle Records appears to have been an outlet for a publishing company called Magenta Music.  It was responsible for at least a couple of singles, 'This Is A Woman' b/w 'Lonely Without You' by Carlton Lees (MM-001; MID-5441 / possibly 5442), and 'The Busty Barmaid' b/w 'The Zider Tree' by Jim Ladd & Scrumpy (MID-5444 / 5445) - if the latter had had a catalogue number it would presumably have been MM-002.  Songwriter Phil Anthony wrote all four titles; he had another published by Magenta Music in 1984, 'Over The Top Over You' (a copy of the sheet music is in the British Library).  I would guess that he was closely associated with both Magenta and Rochelle, The MID-prefixed numbers on both singles would appear to have been used by the recording studio at which they were made. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Carlton Lees This Is A Woman ROCHELLE MM 001
79 Jim Ladd And Scrumpy The Busty Barmaid Ooh Aarh, Ooh Aarh ROCHELLE MM 002

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