Independent label: Robot Records managed at least three singles. The first was an Arsenal F.C. supporters' record, by the North Bank, entitled, 'Arsenal We're Right Behind You' (RRS-1); for those who didn't find the three-minutes-odd of the 7" sufficient, a 12" version was available.  RRS-2 and RRS-3 were Reggae singles, by Louisa Mark ('6, Six St.') and Danny Ray (Rasta Man Live Up') respectively; there were 12" versions of those, too.   All three singles came out in 1979.  Robot was a part of the Rediffusion group, and its records were distributed by Pinnacle.  TheNorth Bank single shown above was pressed by Lyntone, matrix number LYN-6607/8. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 North Bank Arsenal We're Right Behind You ROBOT RRS 1
79 Louisa Mark  6 Six Street ROBOT RRS 2
79 Louisa Mark  Rasta Man Live Up ROBOT RRS 3

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