Independent label: Road Records was an offshoot of Douglas Gray's 'Scottish Records', based in Kirkintilloch. Road was initially intended as a vehicle for hitmaking group Middle Of The Road, whose contract with RCA had ended and whose new label on the continent, Ariola, hadn't a British outlet at that time.  There LP 'Music, Music' had been launched in Glasgow on the 6th of August, with distribution by Clyde Factors and Record Enterprises north of the border.  By 1975 the band had moved on, their next single coming out on DJM.  Mary Campbell's 'Sheltered In The Arms Of God' (RR7-1; 1975) seems to have been the only 7" release on Road.  Both sides are Christian, and both are quite catchy.  'Sheltered' is Country-Pop flavoured, while the 'B' side, 'Christ For You And Me' has very faint Glam overtones.  The style of the matrix number, '7+1+A' suggests an Orlake pressing, as does the 'smooth outer ring, rough interior' appearance of the label itself; the overall apearance of the label makes me strongly suspect that it is a product of Craighall Studios, Edinburgh - see 'TD (Craighall Studios)' and 'Mayfair'. Distributed By Road Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Mary Campbell Sheltered In The Arms Of God ROAD RR 7-1

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