Independent label: Roach Records appears to have managed just three singles, only one of which was issued in the 1970s.  'We Want It Legalised', by Accident On The East Lancs (SPLIFF-01; 1979) was from our decade; the only other Roaches I've seen listed were from 1980 and were numbered in the RR-0s.  They were another Accident On The East Lancs single, 'The Back End Of Nowhere' (RR-1; 2/80), and  Tractor 81's 'Average Man's Hero' (RR-2; 10/81).  All three seem to have been products of Cargo studios, Rochdale. Distributed By Roach Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Accidents On East Lancs We Want It Legalised  ROACH SPLIFF 01
80 Accidents On East Lancs The Back End Of Nowhere ROACH RR 1
81 Tractor Average Mans Hero ROACH RR 2

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