Roach Records was a DIY label. It managed two singles. By the Brainiac Five, 'Mushy Doubt', featuring '(I Was A) Vegetable and three other tracks (RREP-5001), which came out in 1978 was the first.  The band was based in Penzance, and the EP was recorded in Roche Studios, Cornwall; their follow-up record gave the label name as 'Roche Records'. Distributed By Roach Records. Brainiac 5 was formed in Penzance formed in 1975, the name taken from Brainiac 5, aka Querl Dox, a member of the DC Comics universe noted for his exceptional brainpower. Band Members: singer/rhythm guitarist Bert Biscoe, composer/lead guitarist/backing vocalist Dickie Hart (alias Richard Booth), bassist Woody (alias John Wood) and drummer/percussionist Steve Hudson. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 The Brainiac Five Mushy Doubt (I Was A Vegetable)/Endless River/Move Up Trotsky ROACH RREP 5001
79 Brainiac 5 Working / Feel ROCHE RR 5002

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