Independent label: RMC Records was from Liverpool - well, the two singles I have seen listed as being on RMC both mentioned Liverpool in their titles, so I presume that they came from that city.  Those two singles were 'It's Nice To Be Back In Liverpool' by Abbey Road (HP-17; 1975) and John Kennedy's 'Stay In Your Own Back Yard' (b/w 'Liverpool Sunday Morning') (RKJ-28601).  The Abbey Road single's 'HP-00' catalogue numbering indicates that at that point RMC records were made through the Stag Music company. Distributed By RMC Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

74 Quotation Newest New Image (Ep) STAG HP 1
74 Countrysiders Whiskey Man STAG HP 2
74 Not Traced   STAG HP 3
74 Johnny Walker You'Re A Star STAG HP 4
74 Not Traced STAG HP 5
74 New Attraction The Fabulous New Attraction (Ep) STAG HP 6
74 The Jacksons A Double Thick Marmalade Butty STAG HP 7
74 Saturated Seven Down By The Old Mill Stream STAG HP 8
74 Not Traced STAG HP 9
74 Larry Stone With Duo Makenos Star Of A Tv Show EIBURN HP 10
74 Not Traced STAG HP 11
74 Pinnacle Assasin (Album) STAG HP 12
74 Chester Shadrack Chester Shadrack Ep STAG HP 13
74 Bob And Brian Scott Their Kind Of Music STAG HP 14
74 Dimitrious Gloussos Cyprus 1974 STAG MUSIC HP 15
74 Blanche Finley & Prophets Summertime STAG HP 16
75 Abbey Road It'S Nice To Be Back In Liverpool RMC HP 17
82 John Kennedy  Stay In Your Own Back Yard RMC RKJ 82601

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