Independent label: RM Records was the label of Derek Glenister's 'Record Mart' shop in Southend-on-Sea.  It dealt in reissues of obscure Rockabilly / Rock 'n' Roll records.  Its singles were all pressed in the USA, which gave them an authentic period look, and at first I thought it might be an American label.  RM's dates of operation were 1975 to 1981; for a time, beginning in 1978, its records were given national distribution by Lightning.  Many of the singles had no date on the label; if dates were given they've been included in the discography below.  Catalogue numbers, which were in an RMA-1000 series, reached at least RMA-1045, but some of them may not have been used.  There seems to have been a 'DeLuxe' series of singles planned, with numbers in the RMDL-2000s, but only one record appears to have been released in it. Distributed By Record Mart Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Atmospheres Fickle Chicken RM RMA 1101
75 Sisco Bobby Go Go Go RM RMA 1102
75 Ray David Jitterbuggin' Baby RM RMA 1103
76 Strikes If You Can'T Rock Me RM RMA 1104
76 Atmospheres Telegraph RM RMA 1105
76 Ray David Lonesome Baby Blues RM RMA 1106
78 Spurlin Tommy Hang Loose RM RMA 1107
78 Deane Wally Rockin' With Rosie RM RMA 1108
78 Westbury Kent My Baby Don'T Rock Me RM RMA 1109
78 Swatley Hank Oakie Boogie RM RMA 1110
78 Farr Joey Rock 'N' Roll Santa RM RMA 1111
78 Russell Sonny Fifty Megatons RM RMA 1112
78 Lowell Jackie Rocket Trip RM RMA 1113
78 Wright Steve Wild Wild Woman RM RMA 1114
78 Strickland Johnny She'S Mine RM RMA 1115
78 Jimmy Cross I Want My Baby Back RM RMA 1116
78 Al Downing Down On The Farm RM RMA 1017
78 Dunlop Gene Made In The Shade RM RMA 1018
78 Echo Valley Boys Wash Machine Boogie RM RMA 1019
78 Swanson Bobby Rockin' Little Eskimo RM RMA 1020
78 Hawkes Mickey Bip Bop Boom RM RMA 1021
78 Vaughan Dale How Can You Be Mean To Me RM RMA 1022
78 Champs Midnighter RM RMA 1023
78 Pullen Dwight Sunglasses After Dark RM RMA 1024
78 Summers Gene School Of Rock 'N' Roll RM RMA 1025
78 Crockett G.L Look Out Mabel RM RMA 1026
78 Corky Jones Hot Dog  RM RMA 1027
78 Adam Art Rock Crazy Baby RM RMA 1028
78 Patton Jimmy Okie'S In The Pokie RM RMA 1029
78 Jack Cochran Riverside Jump RM RMA 1030
78 Don Willis Boppin' High School Baby  RM RMA 1031
78 Pratt Lynn & His Rhythm Cats Come Here Mother RM RMA 1032
78 Larry Dowd And The Rock-A-Tones Pink Cadillac  RM RMA 1033
78 Art Adams And The Rhythm Knights Dancing Doll  RM RMA 1034
78 Jesse Lee Turner Shake, Baby, Shake  RM RMA 1035
78 Terry Daly And The Nu-Tones You Don't Bug Me No More RM RMA 1036
78 Hampton John Shadow Blue RM RMA 1037
78 Wayne Billy I Love My Baby RM RMA 1038
78 Not Issued RM RMA 1039
78 Johnson Curtis & Windjammers Baby Baby RM RMA 1040
78 Four Teens Go Little Go Cat  RM RMA 1041
78 Conny & The Bellhops Shot rod  RM RMA 1042
78 Tyrone Schmidling Honey Don't  RM RMA 1043
78 Deaton Frank & Mad Lads Just A Little Bit More RM RMA 1044
78 Oster Al Midnight Sun Rock RM RMA 1045
78 Sonee West Sweet Rockin' Baby RM DELUXE SERIES RMDL 2000

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