Independent label: RK Records operated from October 1977 to 1984, though releases were few and far between during 1983-84.  It was owned by Robert Kingston. Barry Kingston and Luke Walker had left Spark records to setup the new company; presumably as a result of that link several Spark acts went on to record for RK. Who had its own studio, production company and label, and that financial backing had been provided by publishers Boosey & Hawkes.  The company's records seem in the main to be fairly standard Pop, to judge by their titles, and none of them sold hugely; even the presence of Tommy Hunt, Wigan's Ovation and the Band of the Black Watch - all of whom had hits on Spark - failed to propel RK into the Charts.   In the '70s two different-coloured labels were used: fawn up to RK-1022, and red from RK-1023 on - RK-1021 can be found with both kinds of label as well as with a plainer black-on-yellow one, as a result of re-pressings.  The earlyish 1980s saw the label turn red-on-white, but the design remained the same.  RK had a subsidiary label, Contact Records, for Disco music.  Manufacture and distribution were by Pye, demo copies being marked with a large black 'A' in the middle of the label, as was common practice for Pye at the time. Catalogue numbers seem to have ended at RK-1040. RK Records Former Address: 34 Windmill Street, London, W1P 1HH. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Spitfire Boys British Refugee RK RK 1001
77 Fady El Koury Harlum Song RK RK 1002
77 Band Of The Black Watch Spirit Of The Isles RK RK 1003
78 Legend Tony Time Will Pass You By RK RK 1004
78 Wild Honey At The Top Of The Stairs RK RK 1005
78 Lord John Image Of A Star RK RK 1006
78 Performance Dynamite Dragster RK RK 1007
78 Wigans Ovation After Loving You RK RK 1008
78 Poacher Darling RK RK 1009
78 Holden Stan Great Big Pickled Gherkin RK RK 1010
78 Dees Michael Maybe Your Never Gonna Be My Baby RK RK 1011
78 Hunt Tommy Stop The Bus RK RK 1012
78 Battersea Born & Bread RK RK 1013
78 Poacher One Mor Fool RK RK 1014
78 Band Of The Black Watch Highland Hustle RK RK 1015
79 Poacher One Faded Photograph RK RK 1016
79 Wren Jenny I'Ve Danced With A Man RK RK 1017
79 Grainer Ron Orchestra Tales Of The Unexpected RK RK 1018
79 Taylor Neville Let Me Be Your Man RK RK 1019
79 Brooks Bernie Come On Alice RK RK 1020
79 Grainer Ron Orchestra Tales Of The Unexpected RK RK 1021
79 Poacher Starlove RK RK 1022
79 Band Of The Black Watch Charlie My Darling RK RK 1023
79 Slow Motion White Christmas RK RK 1024
79 Gary'S Construction Company Gonna Build A Palace RK RK 1025
80 Christie Jeff Both Ends Of The Rainbow RK RK 1026
80 Kinks You Really Got Me RK RK 1027
80 Hollowell Terri  May I RK RK 1028
80 Poacher England Forever RK RK 1029
80 Puzzler Dreaming RK RK 1030
80 Woodward Edward Soldiers Of The Queen RK RK 1031
80 Carolgees Bob Do Animals Dream RK RK 1032
80 Christie Jeff Tightrope RK RK 1033
81 Jarre Maurice Lion Of The Desert RK RK 1034
81 Beautiful People Let'S Go Back To San Francisco RK RK 1035
81 The Band Of The Black Watch Dance Little Bird (The Bird Dance) RK RK 1036
82 Zoomix I'Ll Be Your Spark RK RK 1037
82 Band Of The Black Watch Viva Scotland RK RK 1038
83 Junglemania Alphabet Zoo RK RK 1039
84 Band Of The Black Watch Scotch On The Rocks RK RK 1040

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