Independent label: Riverdale Records appears to have been a fairly mainstream Pop sort of affair, though the LP and single by Mowrey Jnr & Watson were in a Folk Rock vein.  The company released at least eight singles, in an RR-100 numerical series, in 1976-77; there was also an EP.  None of them can have sold in any great quantity.  Marketing was by President, distribution by Lugton and H. R. Taylor. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 Curtis Clam & Foundations Make A Wish RIVERDALE RR 100
76 Pitton'S Party Friday Night RIVERDALE RR 101
76 Settlers Whichaway Billy RIVERDALE RR 102
76 Mowrey Jnr & Watson Want You To Make It Home RIVERDALE RR 103
76 Rocking Horse Little Star RIVERDALE RR 104
76 Curtis Clam & Foundations Sweet Happiness RIVERDALE RR 105
77 Jones Jimmy You'Ll Never Know RIVERDALE RR 106
77 Ann Mandy Your Momma And Poppa RIVERDALE RR 107
77 Jones Jimmy Wichita Lineman RIVERDALE RRL 1001

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