Independent label: Riva Records was Founded in 1975, and was one of the labels which were owned by Rod Stewart's manager Billy Gaff, GM Records being the biggest of the others. The new label was supposed to be called 'Tartan Records'; the design of the label would certainly have suited that name.  There was however already a record company called Tartan - there's a page for it on this site - and its existence may have led to the change of plan.  Stewart was the label's star; he left in 1982, after numerous Chart albums and singles.  In the wake of his departure John Cougar Mellencamp took Riva into the Charts on a few occasions - he was particularly popular in Canada - but despite this it looks as though the company struggled; it doesn't appear to have lasted past 1986.  Distribution was by WEA, and pressing was done by or through that same company - WEA's pressing was done by CBS for much of the decade, until the company obtained its own manufacturing facilities.  The label design remained basically the same throughout the '70s, though there were minor changes such as the disappearance of the hollow 'A' on the left side of the label in 1979 - the example shown is a re-pressing.  Some popular singles had injection-moulded labels, which were the result of contract pressings by Phonodisc.  Contract pressing was also done by other firms, such as Decca - Riva singles tended to have solid centres, so it is worth checking the matrix numbers of any perforated ones to see if they are 'outsiders'. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Rod Stewart  This Old Heart Of Mine RIVA RIVA 1
75 Atlantic Crossing & Drum Band Silent Night RIVA RIVA 2
76 Rod Stewart  Tonight'S The Night RIVA RIVA 3
76 Rod Stewart  The Killing Of Georgie RIVA RIVA 4
76 Frankie Laine Maxwell'S Silver Hammer  RIVA RIVA 5
76 Rod Stewart  Get Back RIVA RIVA 6
77 Rod Stewart  I Don'T Want To Talk About It RIVA RIVA 7
77 Faces Memphis RIVA RIVA 8
77 Rod Stewart  Sailing RIVA RIVA 9
77 Rod Stewart  Hotlegs RIVA RIVA 10
77 Rod Stewart  You'Re In My Heart RIVA RIVA 11
77 Window Bandit RIVA RIVA 12
77 Not Issued RIVA RIVA 13
78 Johnny Cougar I Need A Lover RIVA RIVA 14
78 Scotland World Cup Squad Ole Ola RIVA RIVA 15
78 Johnny Cougar Factory RIVA RIVA 16
78 Rod Stewart  Da Ya Think I'M Sexy RIVA RIVA 17
79 Rod Stewart  Ain'T Love A Bitch RIVA RIVA 18
79 Rod Stewart  Blondes Have More Fun RIVA RIVA 19
79 John Cougar Miami RIVA RIVA 20
79 John Cougar Taxi Dancer RIVA RIVA 21
80 Lookalikes  Can I Take You Home Tonight RIVA RIVA 22
80 Rod Stewart  If Loving You Is Wrong RIVA RIVA 23
80 Lookalikes Call Me RIVA RIVA 24
80 John Cougar This Time RIVA RIVA 25
80 Rod Stewart  Passion RIVA RIVA 26
80 Lookalikes Baby Don`T Leave  RIVA RIVA 27
80 Rod Stewart  My Girl RIVA RIVA 28
81 Rod Stewart  Oh God I Wish I Was Home Tonight RIVA RIVA 29
81 John Cougar Hot Night In A Cold Town RIVA RIVA 30
81 John Cougar Ain'T Even Done With The Night RIVA RIVA 31
81 Carmine Appice And The Rockers Be My Baby RIVA RIVA 32
81 Rod Stewart  Tonight I'M Yours RIVA RIVA 33
81 Rod Stewart  Young Turks RIVA RIVA 34
82 Rod Stewart  How Long  RIVA RIVA 35
82 John Cougar Hurt So Good RIVA RIVA 36
82 John Cougar Mellencamp Jack The Diane RIVA RIVA 37
82 John Cougar Hand To Hold On To RIVA RIVA 38
83 Groucutt Kelly Let The Kids Do It RIVA RIVA 39
83 Not Issued RIVA RIVA 40
83 Thornalley Phil  So This Is Love RIVA RIVA 41
83 Thornalley Phil  Another World RIVA RIVA 42
84 Manteau Promises RIVA RIVA 43
86 Lewis CaníT Wait Another Minute RIVA RIVA 44
86 Lewis Sisters If The Love Fits  RIVA RIVA 45
86 Lewis Man In The Moon  RIVA RIVA 46
86 Lewis Sisters Melting Pot RIVA RIVA 47
87 Lewis Sisters So Good, So Right  RIVA RIVA 48
87 Blinding Tears Heaven Only Knows  RIVA RIVA 49
87 Not Issued RIVA RIVA 50
87 Glory Hearts Will Sing  RIVA RIVA 51
83 John Cougar Mellencamp Crumblin' Down RIVA JCM 1
84 John Cougar Mellencamp Authority Song RIVA JCM 2
84 John Cougar Mellencamp Pink Houses RIVA JCM 3
85 John Cougar Mellencamp Lonely Ol' Night RIVA JCM 4
86 John Cougar Mellencamp Small Town RIVA JCM 5
86 John Cougar Mellencamp R.O.C.K. In The U.S.A. RIVA JCM 6


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