Independent Reggae label: Rite Sound Records appears to have operated from 1977 to 1979.  It issued several 12" singles, and at least one 7": the Joy Mack record pictured above, 'You Hurt Me So' (002; 1978).  Rite Sound had a sister-label, 'Four Sixty', which had exactly the same colours, layout and typography.  The two labels may well have shared the same catalogue numbers: there are an 001 and 003 on Four Sixty, but only an 002 on Rite Sound.  To complicate matters further. Joy Mack's 'You Had Your Chance' lists a 12" on Rite Sound RS-001; it also appeared as a 7" on Four Sixty 460-001.  Even worse, Rite Sound seems to have evolved into Write Sounds Records. Distributed By Rite Sound Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Joy Mack With The Chosen Few You Had Your Chance ‎(12") RITE SOUND 001
78 Joy Mack You Hurt Me So RITE SOUND 002

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