Ripper Records was a DIY label formed by the band Praying Mantis. It managed one single The Soundhouse Tapes Part 2 recorded at Neal Kay's Soundhouse recording studio Based in the back-room of the Prince of Wales public house in Kingsbury, North London. It issued singles in Harvest Records HAR-5200 numerical series. Distributed By EMI Records. Praying Mantis are an English rock band Formed in 1974 in London. Although a part of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal scene, they pursued a musical direction more melodic and AOR-sounding than their contemporaries. Their formation considerably pre-dated the NWOBHM movement. They were formed in 1974 by the Troy brothers, Tino and Chris, both college students. Like several NWOBHM bands they made their first available recording at Neal Kay's Soundhouse recording studio, which was released as the Soundhouse Tapes EP in 1979. Band Members: Tino Troy (guitar, vocals), Chris Troy (bass, vocals), Chris Hudson (drums, 1974-78), Peter Moore (guitar, 1974-78), Bob Angelo [Bob Sawyer] (guitar, vocals, 1978-81), Mick Ransome (drums, 1978-81).

79 Praying Mantis Captured City -  The Soundhouse Tapes Part 2 RIPPER / HARVEST HAR 5201

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