Independent label: Rip-Off Records was a Punk / New Wave independent from Belfast, Rip-Off was established in 1978 by producer George Doherty; it issued some fourteen singles before expiring, which it did in 1980.  Numbering was in an RIP-0 series.  At least two Rip-Off records, a Various Artists LP called 'Belfast Rock' and a split EP shared by The Sweat and Pretty Boy Floyd & The Gems (RIP-101; 11/79) were handled by Logo / RCA on the mainland; some others were distributed by One Stop or Pinnacle.  A single by the Tinopeners, 'Set Me Free' was recorded by Rip-Off but was issued on Logo (GO-375), in October 1979, so it would appear that although the last of the company's singles came out in 1980 the writing must have been pretty well on the wall before then. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Pretty Boy Floyd & Gems Spread The Word RIP OFF RIP 1
78 Da Band I Like It RIP OFF RIP 2
78 Cobra Graveyard Boogie RIP OFF RIP 3
78 No Sweat Start All Over Again RIP OFF RIP 4
79 Blue Steam Lizard King RIP OFF RIP 5
79 Time Machine Never Met Suzie RIP OFF RIP 6
79 Cramp She Doesn'T Love Me RIP OFF RIP 7
79 Faders Cheatin' RIP OFF RIP 8
79 Clive Culbertson  Busy Signal RIP OFF RIP 9
79 Pretty Boy Floyd The Instigator RIP OFF RIP 10
79 Lenny & The Lawbreakers  Me & Bobby Mcgee RIP OFF RIP 11
79 Zipps Friends RIP OFF RIP 12
80 Rod Vey  Metal Love RIP OFF RIP 13
79 Sweat/Pretty Boy Floyd & Gems Belfast Rock Ep RIP OFF RIP 101

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