Independent label: Ring O' Records was a Ringo Starr's record label.  Although he owned the company, it is said that he didn't take any active part in its affairs.  Ring O' built up a small roster of artists during the four years of its operation, 1975-78, and issued some sixteen singles, but it never tasted Chart success.  Had the Beatle been able to record for the label himself, it might have been more successful.  Ring O' singles were numbered in a 2017-100 series; the label was part of the Polydor family.  As with all the labels in the Polydor group at that period, 7" singles were injection-moulded.  The company name on the labels was small for the first four issues and the company sleeve at that time had a single large logo on it.  There was a eighteen-month break between the fourth and fifth releases; singles issued after the break had a larger name on the label and a company sleeve with lots of small logos. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Hentschel David Oh My My RING O' 2017 101
75 Keys Bobby Gimmie The Key RING O' 2017 102
75 Groszmann Carl I've Had It RING O' 2017 103
75 Colonel Cokey Cokey RING O' 2017 104
77 Bonnet Graham It's All Over Now Baby Blue RING O' 2017 105
77 Bonnet Graham Danny RING O' 2017 106
77 Groszmann Carl Face Of A Permanent Stranger RING O' 2017 107
77 Suzanne Born On Hellowe'en RING O' 2017 108
78 Dirk And Stig Ging Gang Goolie RING O' 2017 109
77 Bonnet Graham Goodnight And Goodmorning RING O' 2017 110
78 Suzanne You Really Got A Hold On Me RING O' 2017 111
78 Warman Johnny Head On Collision RING O' 2017 112
78 Stormer My Home Town RING O' 2017 113
78 Bonnet Graham Warm Ride RING O' 2017 114
78 Noakes Rab Waiting Here For You RING O' 2017 115
78 Suzanne (song titles unknown; planned but withdrawn) RING O' 2017 116
78 Noakes Rab I Won't Let You Down RING O' 2017 117
78 Bonnet Graham Warm Ride RING O' POSP 002

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