Independent label: Rim Records - Rediffusion International Music - was a subsidiary of Rediffusion, a prominent dealer in budget-priced records.  Most of the company's products were LPs, but it made the occasional venture into the singles market.  It had four different labels, at different times, for its singles output: in addition to Rim there were Rediffusion, Gold Star, and Fusion.  Rim was the most prolific.  It had two separate incarnations, one in the '60s and one in the late '70s.  The '60s version had a gold-and-white-halved label design; at least nineteen singles were issued, with numbers in a RIM-0 series, from 1967-69.  Manufacturing was by British Homophone.  Releases on the '70s version were numbered in the RIM-000s and had a completely different label design.  There seem to have been only three of them: the first was 'Mountain King', by the Little Trolls (RIM-001), which was a Disco version of the well-known melody by Grieg; the second was Virginia McKenna's, 'The Love That I Have' (RIM-002) - a re-recording (?) of a song that she recorded for Sovereign in 1974 (SOV-125).  Distribution was by Pinnacle, though the labels say that Rediffusion did the job itself.  In September 1979 Rediffusion introduced the Fusion label, and Rim appears to have been shelved.Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Little Trolls Mountain King RIM RIM 001
79 Mckenna Virginia Love That I Have RIM RIM 002
79 Deene Carol Ready For The Time To Get Better RIM RIM 003

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