Independent label: Rigid Records managed at least three singles. they date from 1978-79.  The catalogue numbers were taken from a series used by Impulse Studios, of Wallsend, which is presumably where the records were made: the prefix consisted of the initials of the studio - 'IS' - followed by either the artist's initials or by several letters from the start of the artist's name.   Other examples can be found on the Wudwink, Magpie, Our Own, and Angelic Upstarts labels. Distributed By Rigid Records. Junco Partners sprang from the same Newcastle music scene that launched Eric Burden and the Animals.  Formed in 1964 (the name came from a famous blues song), the original line-up featured singers John Anderson and Ronnie Baker, guitarist Charles Harcourt, bassist David Sproat, keyboardist Peter Wallis, and drummer John Woods.  line up in (1977-81)  John Anderson - vocals  Kenny Barker - lead guitar  Ronnie Baker - vocals, harmonica  Neil Perry - sax  Robert Sargeant - vocals, keyboards  David Sproat - bass. The Rebels came in 1977 in Sunderland. line up Gary “Gaz” Stoker (guitarist) and Tom Von Spencer (bass player). Tony Van Frater - (vocals) and Keith "Sticks" Warrington (Drums). Nicky Beat & The Beatniks was from Middlesbrough North Yorkshire. The band members Ian Luck - vocals, Dimmer - lead guitar, Peter Collins -Drums, keyboards - Allan Peat - bass. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Junco Partners Swinging Sixties Boys RIGID ISJUNK 1028
78 Rebels Suicide RIGID IS/REB 1029
78 Nicky Beat & The Beatniks Second Love RIGID IS/BEAT 1033

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