Richard Percy Records is another case where a record has no label identity and I have had to use the artist's name as an identifier, though at least in the case of Richard Percy I can provide partial justification for doing so in that his initials form part of the prefix of the catalogue numbers.  The EP shown, contaning five Classical pieces played by Percy on clarinet and Irena Pryma on piano, seems to be the only record on the 'label'.  In addition to the tracks shown on the scan it offered works by Albinoni, Schumann and Lutoslawski.  It was intended for promotional purposes only, and it appears to have had a connection with the BBC - there's a 'BBC' at 12 o'clock in the run-off, as there is with BBC Sound Effect records.  There was a separate catalogue number for both sides, RP-EP-1 and RP-EP-2.  The EP was undated but the accompanying notes mention 1975 in connection with the artists' activities. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Richard Percy And Irena Pryma Sonata In F Minor, Op. 120 No. 1, Movement No. 2 RICHARD PERCY RP EP 1

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