Independent label: Ric Rac Productions Records was the label of the Ric Rac studio, of Leeds.  A couple of Ric Rac Productions records came out through Pollen Records in 1978, with numbers in their own discrete RRS-000 series, but the following year the company seems to have branched out on its own. Luggage issued at least six records in an RRP-1000 series during 1979-81, the first of which was an EP by Paul Allen, 'Ghost Riders In The Sky' (RRP-1001).  Records can also be found in the RRP-600s and RRP-700s; these seem to be from the '80s.  In addition 1981 saw singles and LPs appearing with numbers in the ACE-20s and ACE-30s.  The most recent Luggage record I have been able to put a date to, 'Just A Friend' by the Skeletal Family, was from 1983 and was numbered RRP-00724.  All appear to be private pressings.  The Paul Allen EP was pressed by Lyntone. The existence of more Luggages is a matter for conjecture; such is the nature of custom-recording concerns that there may very well be more of them out there. Distributed By Luggage Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Paul Allen Ghost Riders In The Sky LUGGAGE / RIC RAC PRODUCTIONS RRP 1001
79 Pippa Dell Argentina LUGGAGE / RIC RAC PRODUCTIONS RRP 1002
79 The City Limits Morse-Code Messages LUGGAGE / RIC RAC PRODUCTIONS RRP 1003
80 Black Onyx I Didn't Mean To Make You Cry  LUGGAGE / RIC RAC PRODUCTIONS RRP 1004
80 Neural Circus Untitled LUGGAGE / RIC RAC PRODUCTIONS RRP 1005
81 Dealer  On The Street LUGGAGE / RIC RAC PRODUCTIONS RRP 1006

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