Independent label: Rialto Records was run by Nick and Tim Heath.  It started off in 1979 and seems to have expired in 1983, by which time it had issued at least forty-one singles.  Numbering was in a TREB-100 series.  Rialto was no stranger to the Singles Chart: during 1979-80 it notched up three hits by the Korgis, two by the Planets and one by the Regents. Manufacturing was by Decca and distribution by Selecta until late 1979, at which point Pye took over both functions.  The only change in the label layout after the move was that 'PYE RECORDS' replaced 'THE DECCA RECORD CO. LTD.' at ten o'clock on the label face, but the original yellow company sleeve was replaced by a red one.  Distributed By Pinnacle Records. Rialto Records Former Address: 4 Yeomans Row, London SW3. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Korgis Young 'N' Russian RIALTO TREB 101
79 Tempo Steve Break It To Me Gently RIALTO TREB 102
79 Korgis If I Had You RIALTO TREB 103
79 Planets Lines RIALTO TREB 104
79 Europeans Europeans RIALTO TREB 105
79 Baboons Clockin' In RIALTO TREB 106
79 Moskow Man From Uncle RIALTO TREB 107
79 Korgis Young 'N' Russian RIALTO TREB 108
79 Planets Iron For Iron RIALTO TREB 109
79 Beacon Kim Imagine RIALTO TREB 110
79 Regents 7 Teen RIALTO TREB 111
80 Korgis I Just Can'T Help It RIALTO TREB 112
80 Beacon Kim My Blues Have Gon RIALTO TREB 113
80 Planets Break It To Me Gently RIALTO TREB 114
80 Korgis Everybody'S Got To Learn Sometime RIALTO TREB 115
80 Planets Don'T Look Down RIALTO TREB 116
80 Science Look Don'T Touch RIALTO TREB 117
80 Korgis If It'S Alright With You Baby RIALTO TREB 118
80 Walkie Talkies Whose World Is It RIALTO TREB 119
80 A T'S Come Free RIALTO TREB 120
80 Slow Twitch Fibres Let Face The Music & Dance RIALTO TREB 121
80 Korgis Bumb Waiters RIALTO TREB 122
80 Cole Jonathan Keys To The Car RIALTO TREB 123
80 Science Tokyo RIALTO TREB 124
80 Stevens Shelley Secret Love RIALTO TREB 125
80 Walkie Talkies Cover Up RIALTO TREB 126
80 A T'S Leaving Alone RIALTO TREB 127
80 Smith Hettie Sitting In The Cafe RIALTO TREB 128
80 Beacon Kim Night Bird RIALTO TREB 129
80 Rococo Snowscape RIALTO TREB 130
80 Korgis Rovers Return RIALTO TREB 131
81 Walkie Talkies Man From Cobo Bay RIALTO TREB 132
81 Planets Intensive Care RIALTO TREB 133
81 Warren James That Eas My Big Mistake RIALTO TREB 134
80 Planets Let Me Fall RIALTO TREB 135
81 Coconuts Dogs Officers Mess RIALTO TREB 136
81 Midas Don'T Wanna Dance RIALTO TREB 137
81 Korgis All The Love In The World RIALTO TREB 138
81 Not Issued RIALTO TREB 139
81 Not Issued RIALTO TREB 140
81 Byrd Beverly All Day & All Of The Night RIALTO TREB 141
81 Korgis Don'T Say That It'S Over RIALTO TREB 142
81 Remipeds Hawaoo 5.O RIALTO TREB 143
80 Planets Too Late RIALTO TREB 501
81 Slow Twitch Fibres This Is Your Lunch  RIALTO RIA 1
81 Victims Of Pleasure Slave To Fashion  RIALTO RIA 2
81 Mobiles Drowning In Berlin  RIALTO RIA 3
81 Gene Farrow Unique Mystique  RIALTO RIA 4
82 Mobiles Amour Amour / Skeleton Dance  RIALTO RIA 5
82 Soundtrack (3) Ghosts Of Love  RIALTO RIA 6
82 Victims Of Pleasure Jack & Jill  RIALTO RIA 7
82 Steve Lindsey She's Locked My Life Up In Her Suitcase  RIALTO RIA 8
82 Soundtrack (3) Crazy / Freeze Frame   RIALTO RIA 9
82 Mobiles Partners In Fiction  RIALTO RIA 10
82 Victims Of Pleasure When You're Young  RIALTO RIA 11
82 The Climb I Can't Forget   RIALTO RIA 12
82 Joe Gladwin And The London Brass Players What Have They Done To My Christmas  RIALTO RIA 13
82 Yosser's Gang Gis' A Job   RIALTO RIA 14
83 Mobiles Build Me Up Buttercup  RIALTO RIA 15
83 The Photos There's Always Work  RIALTO RIA 16

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