Independent Reggae label: Rhino Records was owned by EMI and supplied with material through a production deal by Bruce White's and Tony Cousins's 'Creole Music' publishing company.  Rhino boasted several major artists, including Desmond Dekker and Dave Barker, but it only managed to get one single into the Charts during the two years of its existence (1972-74).  That hit was Bruce Ruffin's 'Mad About You' (RNO-101) - which Ruffin reportedly disliked because of its silly vocal effects.  A lot of the other singles appear to have had a similar commercial / Pop Reggae slant.  Numbering was in an RNO-100 series.  The label design remained unchanged throughout, apart from a tweak in the perimieter text: in October 1973 the reference to 'The Gramophone Co.' at 10 o'clock was altered to refer to 'EMI Records'.  A similar change took place on most of the other labels in the EMI group at or around that time.  Manufacture and distribution were of course by EMI.  The label was revived briefly by Creole in 1987. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

72 Ruffin Bruce Mad About You RHINO RNO 101
72 Francis Winston A Little Today Tomorrow RHINO RNO 102
72 Collins Dave Shacktac RHINO RNO 103
72 The Aces Reggae Motion / Still Your Man RHINO RNO 104
72 Collins Dave Ride Your Pony RHINO RNO 105
72 Collins Dave Give Me Some Light RHINO RNO 106
72 Dekker Desmond Beware RHINO RNO 107
72 Francis Winston Blue Moon RHINO RNO 108
72 Ruffin Bruce Comin' On Strong RHINO RNO 109
72 Aces Be My Baby RHINO RNO 110
73 Collins Dave Hot Line RHINO RNO 111
73 Chequers Every Day RHINO RNO 112
73 Sweet Aroma Happiness RHINO RNO 113
73 Ruffin Bruce Tickle Me RHINO RNO 114
73 Dekker Desmond Sing A Little Song RHINO RNO 115
73 Winston Francis Knock On My Door RHINO RNO 116
73 Ruffin Bruce In The Thick Of It RHINO RNO 117
73 Collins Dave Money Is The Poor Peoples Pride RHINO RNO 118
73 Checkers Rudi'S In Love RHINO RNO 119
73 Francis Winston Our World Tomorrow RHINO RNO 120
73 Dekker Desmond No Place Like Home RHINO RNO 121
73 Frank 'N' Stein Monster Reggae RHINO RNO 122
73 Father Richard Ho Lung Babylon A Catch Me RHINO RNO 123
73 Lunatics Telstar RHINO RNO 124
73 Dekker Desmond Busted Lad RHINO RNO 125
73 Checkers Angie Girl RHINO RNO 126
74 Ruffin Bruce I Like Everything About You RHINO RNO 127
74 Burn Franky Song Of The Swallow RHINO RNO 128
74 Mopeds Whiskey And Soda RHINO RNO 129
74 Sweet Herbs Mighty Love Man RHINO RNO 130

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