Independent label: Rhesus Records seems to have released just one 12" EP and two 7" singles, with another couple of singles, by the Tunes and the Katchies, being planned but not issued.  Numbering was in a GO APE-0 series.  Two of the records, by The Donkeys, were licensed to major labels: 'What I Want' (GO APE-2; 1979) ended up on Deram, 'Don't Go' (GO APE-5; 1980) on MCA.  Rhesus's ape logo appeared on both of the re-releases.  The label seems to have operated out of Manchester. Distributed By Rhesus Records. The Donkeys were a power pop band from Wakefield, West Yorkshire that consisted of Neil Ferguson (lead guitar, vocals), Dave Owen (bass, backing vocals), Mark Welham (drums) and Tony Ferguson (rhythm guitar, backing vocals). They released five singles during the period 1980 to 1981. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Tunes The Truth , Justice And The Mancunian Way (12") RHESUS 12 GO APE 1
79 Donkeys What I Want RHESUS GO APE 2
79 Tunes She'S My Girl RHESUS GO APE 3
79 Katchies Shambles RHESUS GO APE 4
80 Donkeys Don'T Go RHESUS GO APE 5
80 The Backroom Boys Cleaning The Shirts (Of The Liberation Army) RHESUS GO APE 6
88 Joe Gallagher  That'S My Girl RHESUS JOE 1

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