Reward Records was a one-off DIY label, but a very collectable one.  Reward's sole release was a single by Rockslide, 'Jump Bump Boogaloo' b/w 'Roller Coaster'.  It had a catalogue number of MAG-0004, which shows that it was made through Magnum Studios of Hyde, and it came out in 1974.  It wouldn't be worth very much if Rockslide hadn't abandoned their 'funky Pop' style, embraced Punk and been reborn as The Drones, but as it stands the few copies that are available online are on offer at around the 500 mark. The Drones moved from Manchester to London and were soon deeply involved in the Punk movement; if they played 'Jump Bump Boogaloo' at any of their gigs I'd be very surprised.  They put out the much more Punky-sounding 'Temptations Of A White Collar Worker' EP on their own O.H.M...S. label in July 1977 before signing to Valer Records and making an album and a single for that company. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Lynda Myers Introducing Linda Myers MAGNUM MAG 0001
75 Dave Arnold Try A Little Kindness STAG MUSIC MAG 0002
75 Not Traced ? MAG 0003
75 Rockslide  Jump Bump Boogaloo / Roller Coaster  REWARD MAG 0004
75 Surevision Season Of '75 MAGNUM MAG 0005
75 Paul G. Ambrose  Sweet Surrender / Me And Mrs. Jones STAG MUSIC MAG 0006
75 Frank Lammar  On A Clear Day (You Can See Forever) / Till  PALACE MAG 0007
75 Ben Lee Rivers & Smokey Road Jody And The Kid B. L. E MAG 0008
75 Therapy Bringing The House Down (Album) THERAPY MAG 0009
75 Carousel I Believe In Music CAROUSEL MAG 0010

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