Independent label: Revolution Records had fingers in several pies. It had separate labels for Rocksteady / Reggae, Soul and Pop; the Rocksteady division seems to have been the most prolific, issuing at least fouteen singles during the period 1968-70, using catalogue numbers in the REV-000s and then the REVR-000s from 006 onwards.  Labels were yellow, and had 'ROCKSTEADY', 'REGGIE' or 'REGGAE' in the middle of the logo.  Singles in the Revolution Soul series were numbered in the REVS-500s; the label was basically the same as the Rocksteady one except that it was coloured orange and the logo had the word 'SOUL' in it.  Numbering reached at least REVS-005, which was issued in 1970.  The 'Pop' series records had white labels with 'POP' in the logo, and had their own REVP-1000 numbering; there seem to have been just three Pop releases.  The owners were Dave Hadfield and John Harper.  Initially distribution was by Immediate records, latterly by D & H Productions. (Former) address Revolution Records: 488 Old Kent Road, London S.E. 1, England. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

70 Rodney Bewes Dear Mother Love REVOLUTION POP REVP 1001
70 Smoke Dreams Of Dreams REVOLUTION POP REVP 1002
70 Rodney Bewes Remember When REVOLUTION POP REVP 1003

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