Revolution Classical Records was The Classical label of Dave Hadfield's and John Harper's 'Revolution' Records.  Revolution had separate labels for Rocksteady / Reggae, Soul and Pop; its Classical label was a relative latecomer but it issued a respectable number of records - at least twenty of them, in fact, during 1970-71.  The vast majority were albums, but there was an exception in the EP shown.  Called 'The Last Recordings' it featured five historic songs from Oda Slobodskaya; the legend 'Songs identified after printing LP sleeves' suggests that it was packaged along with her album 'Seventeen Polish Songs', as does the similarity of the catalogue numbers - the album was RCF-011, the EP 33EP-11.  Distribution at this point was by RCA; 'Record Retailer' of the 11th of July 1970 says that the company had previously been with Immediate but had signed a three-year deal with RCA.  Thanks to Dr. Doom of the 45cat site for alerting me to the EP's existence and for allowing me to use his scan here. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

71 Oda Slobodskaya The Last Recordings REVOLUTION CLASSICAL 33EP 011

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