Independent label: Revival Records was a successor of sorts to Andrew Cameron Miller's 'Reflection Records', set up by Ian Brown, a director of that company.  Miller left Reflection in mid 1971 but as part of the deal became a major stockholder in Brown's new 'Revival' label. The Revival label was intended to be Reflection's Blues outlet, and its first nine releases were indeed Blues albums. Its focus seems to have shifted towards the end, however, the tenth and apparently final LP being by Scottish band Gaberlunzie, 'Freedom's Sword' (RVS-1010; 1974).  Revival seems to have managed just two singles during the four years of its existence.  'Mississippi Waters' by The Bridge (47.002; 1974) was a track from the Andwella album 'People's People', which came out in 1971 on Reflection; the arranger and producer on the single are different, however, so presumably it may be a different version.  The 'B' side of the single features a longer version of the 'A' side; I'd be inclined to file them under 'Soul-tinged Rock'.  Pressing was by Lyntone, as the matrix number (LYN-2991) at the bottom of the label indicates.  47.001 was 'Rosville 13' by a group called The Beggars Purse, and that it came out in 1972.  Another Revival label appeared in 1980; it was dedicated to reissues of old Rock 'n' Roll records and it issued singles in a REV-6000 series. Distributed By Pye Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

74 The Beggar's Purse Beneath A Single Banner REVIVAL 47 001
74 Bridge Mississippi Waters REVIVAL 47 002

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