Independent label: Retreat Records was run by producers Big Jim Sullivan and Derek Lawrence, Retreat issued records from 1974 to 1977.  It had a varied, if small, roster of artists, ranging from Cockney rockers Chas and Dave to Prog Rock group Strange Days, by way of Reggae group Greyhound.  Despite the undoubted interest of many of their releases, Retreat never quite managed to get any of them into the Charts.  The singles numbering series started at RTS-251. Manufacture and distribution were by EMI.. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

73 Walker Les Whatever Mood You´Re In RETREAT RTS 251
73 Greyhound Wily RETREAT RTS 252
73 Daybreak To Be Near You RETREAT RTS 253
73 Master Children Can You Here Me Lord RETREAT RTS 254
73 Walker Les Freedom For The Stallion RETREAT RTS 255
74 Sullivan Big Jim Lay It Back Rock And Roll Song RETREAT RTS 256
74 Dragonfly Gondola RETREAT RTS 257
75 Walker Les Whatever Mood You´Re In RETREAT RTS 258
75 Scherman Theo Champagne In The Srarlight RETREAT RTS 259
75 Sullivan Big Jim If I Could Only Play Like That RETREAT RTS 260
75 Dragonfly Driving Around The World RETREAT RTS 261
75 Chas & Dave Old Dog & Me RETREAT RTS 262
75 Strange Days Monday Morning RETREAT RTS 263
75 Harper Mike I´M Crying RETREAT RTS 264
75 Unknown Artist Give Me What I Can'T Buy RETREAT RTS 265
75 Scherman Theo Marbles In My Head RETREAT RTS 266
75 Chas & Dave I Am A Rocker RETREAT RTS 267
75 Harper Mike Lay It On Me Baby RETREAT RTS 268
76 Chas & Dave Old Time Song RETREAT RTS 269

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