Independent label: Response Records was a moderately prolific label from the late '70s and early '80s, Response issued something in the region of forty singles, most of which appear to have been in a straightforward Pop vein, sometimes with a hint of Disco.  It used an SR-500 numerical series; SR-540 appeared in 1985.  Response's albums seem to have been an odd mixture: Easy Listening LPs by the Palm Court Trio and by the Epworth Choir rubbed shoulders with Percy Thrower's, 'Guide To Good Gardening'.  Be that as it may, only one of the company's records ever cracked the Charts: Black Gorilla's single 'Gimme Dat Banana' (SR-502) just about crept into the Top 30 in 1977.  Manufacture and distribution were by Pye. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Big Sky Soft Eyes RESPONSE  SR 501
77 Black Gorilla Gimmie Dat Banana RESPONSE  SR 502
77 Leigh Ashton Tanya RESPONSE  SR 503
77 Nowy Rock īNī Roll Vampire RESPONSE  SR 504
77 Jackboot Call The Circus RESPONSE  SR 505
77 Kelly'S Eye Run Ronnie Run RESPONSE  SR 506
77 Michael Holm Lady Love RESPONSE  SR 507
77 Big Sky Frog Walk RESPONSE  SR 508
77 Tanned Leather Please Come Home Forever RESPONSE  SR 509
77 Black Gorilla Bamboo Child RESPONSE  SR 510
77 Punkettes Goin' Out Wiv A Punk RESPONSE SR 511
77 Winston ItīS Christmas Time Again RESPONSE SR 512
77 Not Traced RESPONSE SR 513
77 Sean Rennie Sweet Love Of Mine RESPONSE SR 514
77 Tanned Leather You Blew It If You Do It  RESPONSE SR 515
78 Mandrake Funk Tapper RESPONSE SR 516
78 Not Traced RESPONSE SR 517
78 Black Gorilla Souldancer RESPONSE  SR 518
78 Sound Express Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye RESPONSE  SR 519
78 Not Traced RESPONSE  SR 520
78 Patrick Gammon Dancing Shoes RESPONSE  SR 521
78 Chiappa Fairground Organ Christmas Carol RESPONSE  SR 522
78 Jack Douglas Don'T Forget The Beer Dear RESPONSE  SR 523
78 Perry Clayton I Can Feel Love RESPONSE  SR 524
79 Baj  Little Mother RESPONSE  SR 525
79 Not Traced RESPONSE  SR 526
79 Mandrake Dancing The Night Away  RESPONSE  SR 527
79 Sid Gateley Matchstalk Men RESPONSE  SR 528
79 Winston  Little Boy Lost / Ave Maria RESPONSE  SR 529
79 Not Traced RESPONSE  SR 530
79 Winston Ave Maria  RESPONSE  SR 531
79 Not Traced RESPONSE  SR 532
82 Jimmy Crawford Jimmy The Joker RESPONSE  SR 533
82 Not Traced RESPONSE  SR 534
82 Not Traced RESPONSE  SR 535
82 Not Traced RESPONSE  SR 536
82 Not Traced RESPONSE  SR 537
82 Not Traced RESPONSE  SR 538
82 Not Traced RESPONSE  SR 539
85 Timothy Touchton Save Your Love For Me RESPONSE  SR 540
78 Timothy Touchton Great Big Mama RESPONSE NTAS 001

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