Independent Irish label: Release Records was one of Ireland's most prominent record labels, Release was founded by Mick Clerkin, Dermot Hegarty and Jimmy Magee.  It put its first single out in 1968, and expired in the early '80s.  The vast majority of its records were only released in the Republic, but in 1970-72 a number of them were pressed and released in Britain.  These singles lacked the 'Made in the Republic of Ireland' which can usually be found on Release records, and had different logos to the Irish releases - a fair number of Release singles were issued on the mainland later in the decade; these all seem to have been imported, not made here, although, as can be seen from the company sleeve, Release did have offices in England.  The vast majority of those singles were handled by Irish music importers Shannon, who were at the same address as that given on the sleeve above, but a few were handled by Spartan - which doesn't seem to have stocked imports generally - or by Northern Irish distributors Outlet.  The numbers of the British pressings were the same as the Irish ones, which used an RL-500 series, and Mini Monster MRL 1000 Series pressing of the few was by Pye. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

72 Various Artists 4 Great Irish Hits RELEASE MRL 1001
72 Various Artists 4 Great Irish Hits - Vol. 2 RELEASE MRL 1002
73 Various Artists Four Great Christmas Hits RELEASE MRL 1003
73 Various Artists 4 Great Irish Hits - Vol. 3 RELEASE MRL 1004
73 Various Artists 4 Great Country Hits-Vol. 1 RELEASE MRL 1005
73 Various Artists 4 Great Country Hits-Vol. 2 RELEASE MRL 1006
74 Larry Cunningham Lovely Leitrim RELEASE MRL 1007
74 Mattie Fox & The Grassroots  Cottage in Old Donegal  RELEASE MRL 1008
74 Brian Harkin  Walk On By  RELEASE MRL 1009
75 Brian Coll  Mail Call  RELEASE MRL 1010
75 John Barrett  Don't Change The Old Love  RELEASE MRL 1011
72 Margo  Cliffs of Dooneen RELEASE MRL 2001
72 Gerry Black & The Seasons Meet Me Tonight In Laredo RELEASE MRL 2002

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