Independent Scottish label formed in 1977: REL Records is the label of Radio Edinburgh Limited.  Unsurprisingly, it specializes in Scottish material, covering a fairly broad spectrum of music.  Primarily an Album label - CDs nowadays, of course - it issued relatively few singles, none of which ever entered the Charts.  Labels were generally of paper, but least one REL single appeared with blue injection-moulded ones. Distribution was by Clyde Factors in Scotland; elsewhere in mainland Britain, several different companies - H. R. Taylor, Phonodisc, Selecta and Lugton - appear to have done that job. Numbers were generally in the RES-000s, but there was also another series which seems to be in the RE-40s.  The majority of the company's singles were issued in the '80s, though it took until 1991 for them to reach RES-022.  The studio appears to have had a label dedicated to custom pressings, Radio Edinburgh Ltd.  Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Heatley Bob Tell Me Where I Stand REL RES 001
77 Not Traced REL RES 002
77 Tartan Lads  The Christmas Dream REL RES 003
77 Tartan Lads  Marching To Argentina  REL RES 004
78 Mann Doug Story Of Grayfriers REL RES 005
78 Not Traced REL RES 006
78 Grants Slangeva REL RES 007
78 Office Boy  Gimme A Break REL RES 008
78 Office Boy & Gordon Campbell With A Woman Like You  REL RES 009
78 Sam Speirs True Love REL RES 010
77 Bee Bee Cee You Gotta Know Girl  REL RE  48 S
77 Dean Park Dean Park Sings REL RE  49 S

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