Independent label: Regular Records was a companion label to Thomas Leer's 'Oblique' Records.  Regular issued just the one record, a self-financed seminal Electronic single by Robert Rental, called 'Paralysis' (ER-102; 1978).  ER-101 was Leer's 'Private Plane', which came out on Oblique.  In common with many DIY labels, Regular just had a white label with the credits but on with ink-stamps.  Leer and Rental had come down from Scotland to London together around 1977; they collaborated on an album, 'The Bridge', and were prominent figures on the early 'Synth / Industrial' scene.  Both singles were reissued by Company Records on the Company / Oblique and Company / Regular labels. Distributed By Oblique Records. Robert Rental was the stage name of Robert Donnachie (Born 1952 died of lung cancer in 2000.), a British pioneer of the post-punk DIY industrial electronic music scene. Originally from Port Glasgow, Scotland, he moved to the south of England with Thomas Leer in the late 1970s, and became involved with the local music scene. Robert Rental however released very little of his solo music, preferring to collaborate with Thomas Leer, as well as with Daniel Miller (as The Normal). The only solo recording from The 1970s is the 7" single "Paralysis" first released on the homemade Regular Records, then re-released on Company Records in 1978. Thomas Leer (born Thomas Wishart, 1953, Port Glasgow, Scotland) is a Scottish musician who as well as releasing a number of albums and singles in his own right, was also one half (the other being Claudia Brücken) of the 1980s electropop band Act. His single "Private Plane", which he recorded in his home, is considered a seminal example of DIY indie techno. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Thomas Leer Private Plane / International REGULAR ER 101
78 Robert Rental Paralysis REGULAR ER 102
78 Thomas Leer Private Plane / International COMPANY / OBLIQUE OBCO 001
78 Robert Rental Paralysis COMPANY / REGULAR RECO 002

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