Independent Reggae label: Reggae Records was owned by Larry Lawrence and distributed by Ethnic Fight.  This particular 'Reggae' company operated in 1975 to 1976.  Catalogue numbering was in an RE-000 series; it reached RE-022, but quite a few of the numbers seem not to have been used.  A third Reggae label appeared in the early '80s; it used REG-00 catalogue numbers and was distributed by Jetstar. Clifton ‘Larry’ Lawrence passed Born in Jamaica around 1947 In 1973, Larry established retail outlets in North London’s Kensal Green and Kilburn High Road and launched his own Ethnic label, on which he primarily released his own productions as well as those by Lee Perry. A year after launching Ethnic, Larry started a second imprint, Fight, which after cutting distribution ties with Creole and EMI merged with the former to create Ethnic Fight, which continued to operate into the eighties. The new label continued to focus much of its output upon his own productions and Jamaican-produced works by the likes of Lloyd Campbell and Lee Perry. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Not Traced REGGAE RE 001
75 Reggae Crusaders  Bring The Chuchie Come  REGGAE RE 002
75 Selectors Rock Back  REGGAE RE 003
75 Hubert & Joy  A Love I Can Feel  REGGAE RE 004
75 Not Traced REGGAE RE 005
75 Jah T. Allstars Fat Beef  REGGAE RE 006
75 Not Traced REGGAE RE 007
75 George Barrett  Blind Man  REGGAE RE 008
75 Not Traced REGGAE RE 009
75 Not Traced REGGAE RE 010
75 Not Traced REGGAE RE 011
75 Ron And Ken  Waiting For You  REGGAE RE 012
75 Not Traced REGGAE RE 013
75 Barrington Spence  Pain In My Heart  REGGAE RE 014
75 Jimmy Burke  Be Like A Star  REGGAE RE 015
75 Parris Jackie Once In My Life REGGAE RE 016
75 Not Traced   REGGAE RE 017
75 Leroy Smart  Oh Darling  REGGAE RE 018
75 Not Traced REGGAE RE 019
75 Jah Natty & The Rebels  Man To Man  REGGAE RE 020
75 Not Traced REGGAE RE 021
75 Carlton Stephenson  Look At The Time  REGGAE RE 022

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