Independent Reggae label dating from 1970: Reggae Records is a subsidiary of Doctor Bird Records and is the first 'Reggae' label of two in the 1970s.  It was run by Philip Chen and handled by Trojan.  Catalogue numbers were in a REG-3000 series; they reached REG-3010, but several seem not to have been used, and some singles did't get past the pre-release stage. Distributed By Trojan Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

70 Message Young Gifted And Black REGGAE REG 3000
70 Pama Dice  Brixton Fight  REGGAE REG 3001
70 Unknown Brixton Pum Pum Wrecker REGGAE REG 3002
70 Cimarrons Bad Day At Black Rock REGGAE REG 3003
70 Message Wrestling REGGAE REG 3004
70 King Harror  Slave Driver  REGGAE REG 3005
70 Pama Dice  Leave Pum Pum  REGGAE REG 3006
70 King Horror  Ghost Hour REGGAE REG 3007
70 Not Issued REGGAE REG 3008
70 Not Issued REGGAE REG 3009
70 Milkriver The Way You Feel  REGGAE REG 3010

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