Independent label from 1970 to 1971: Reflection Records was founded by Andrew Cameron Miller.  Reflection issued a fairly eclectic mixture of material, ranging from the Heavy Rock of Dogfeet to the vocal harmonies of the Unauthorised Version.  Singles were numbered in an RS-0 series, which became HRS-0 for the last few issues.  As well as an altered prefix those final records had an altered label colouring, being black on white instead of silver on black, in 1971 Miller had sold his shares in the company to Ian Brown and was on the point of forming a new company, 'Dove' Records with David Lewis, writer / singer with the band Andwella.  As part of the deal he became a major stockholder in Brown's new label, Revival Records. In 1971 Reflection and Revival records were distributed by Pye and Keith Prowse.  Revival issued records until 1974, but Reflection seems to have been shelved after Miller's departure.  There was another Reflection label around from 1968 to 1975, which had a different logo and specialized in contemporary Christian music; it didn't have any connection with this label. None of the records on either sort of Reflection are met with all that often, nowadays.  Stuart Damon, vocalist on the single pictured above, was one of the stars of TV show, 'The Champions'. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

70 Andwella Every Little Minute REFLECTION  RS 1
70 Scott Bobby Witness To A War REFLECTION  RS 2
70 Andwella Hold Onto Your Mind REFLECTION  RS 3
70 Damon Stuart You Ain'T Got Far To Go REFLECTION  RS 4
70 Orange Peel I Got No Time REFLECTION  RS 5
71 Andwella Are You Ready REFLECTION  RS 6
71 Dogfeet Sad Story REFLECTION  RS 7
71 Not Issued REFLECTION  RS 8
71 Steamhammer Junior'S Wailing REFLECTION RS 9
71 Sue & Sunny Let Us Break Bread Together REFLECTION  HRS 10
71 Catherine Howe Nothing More Than Strangers REFLECTION  HRS 11
71 Dogfeet Since I Went Away REFLECTION HRS 12
71 Love Children What Are You Doing Sunday REFLECTION HRS 13

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