Reel Records was a small independent label, from Great Harwood, Lancashire.  Reel managed at least a couple of releases, the earlier of the two being an EP by dancer-turned-singer Roy Demaine.  It featured four of his own songs; the two not shown in the scan were 'Yesterday's Love' and 'Water Melon Man'.  It had two catalogue / matrix mumbers, PEG-10791 and SM-211; the former appears to have been from a series used by a studio called Pegasus Recorders, where the tracks were laid down, while the latter was from a series used by custom recording firm Sound News Studios.  Both the labels and the sleeve are undated, but SM-210 seems to have been made in or around October 1979 (see 'Noisy Record Company'), and the first four digits of the PEG number break down handily into 10/79, so October 1979 looks like a reasonable guess.  The other Reel record was an LP by Talisman, 'Sylkie' (PEG-018003).  That is known to be from 1980, so the '80' in the middle of the number is supporting evidence for the Roy Demaine EP being from 1979.  The album had a much more adventurous label design, featuring a reel of recording tape.  Pressing of the EP was by Sound Manufacturing - there is one of their 'diamond plus three-digit number' marks in the run-off, the number being 238.  Pegasus Recorders was involved in the making of at least one other record, a 1980 album by Snuffy Garrett called 'Listen To This', on Agra, BSS-418.  Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Roy Demaine With The Colin Barry Sound Roy Demaine  REEL PEG 10791

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