Independent label: Redball Records seems to have been a custom recording business; that would account for its large number of issues, their relative obscurity, and the variation in the kind of music on them.  It was based in Market Drayton, and was run by Terry Butters.   It released at least thirty-six records, using the same RR-000 numerical series for its singles and LPs alike.  Punk singles such as The Notsensibles', 'I'm In Love With Margaret Thatcher' (RR-021) and NWOBHM efforts like Vardis', '100 m.p.h.' EP rubbed shoulders with LPs by Roy Sainsbury ('Gentle Guitar', RR-017) and the Shropshire County School Of Music Band (Same, RR-009).  Redball appears to have operated mainly around the turn of the decade, 1978 to 1981 - RR-002, the Tremors', 'Modern World', came out in 1978 - though there are Terry Butters records on the label dating from the '80s and onwards. Distributed By Neon and Bullet Records. Redball Records Former Address: Redball Recording Studios  Shropshire Street Market Drayton Shropshire TP9 3DA. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Terry Butters And Stephen Carr  Songs From Easy Street REDBALL ES 001
78 Vardis 100 Mph [ Ep ] REDBALL RR 001
79 Tremors Modern World REDBALL RR 002
79 Veins Champagne REDBALL RR 003
79 Flyer Flyer [ Ep ] REDBALL RR 004
79 Torch Steve Live In Fear REDBALL RR 005
79 The Buzz Insanity REDBALL RR 006
79 Shocking Pinks Radio Show Back To The Beginning REDBALL RR 007
79 Jenny Peters   Two More Bottles of Wine REDBALL RR 008
79 The Shropshire County School of Music Band The Shropshire County School of Music Band (Album) REDBALL RR 009
79 Under The Sun  Under The Sun (Album) REDBALL RR 010
79 The Rhythm Hawks Walk Out On You REDBALL RR 011
79 Colin Dale The Vocal Magic Of Colin Dale  REDBALL RR 012
79 Touch of Gold Through to the End REDBALL RR 013
79 Roy Sainsbury Gentle Guitar (Album) REDBALL RR 014
79 Candello Lights Mary's Rainbow REDBALL RR 015
79 Lorries The Night REDBALL RR 016
79 Vardis 100 M.P.H.   REDBALL RR 017
79 Shiver Showband Save The Last Dance For Me EP   REDBALL RR 018
79 Pant Mother F.O. REDBALL RR 019
79 Stains Bored REDBALL RR 020
79 Notsensibles Margaret Thatcher REDBALL RR 021
79 Joe Sope Gotta Be Something Else REDBALL RR 022
79 The Risk Blazing Lights REDBALL RR 023
79 Not Traced REDBALL RR 024
79 Not Traced REDBALL RR 025
79 E.F Band Self Made Suicide REDBALL RR 026
79 Bound and Gagged They Were a Strange Pair REDBALL RR 027
79 The Agitators Bound And Gagged With Lengths Of Rubber Tubing  REDBALL RR 028
79 New College in Concert New College in Concert (Album) REDBALL RR 029
80 Terry Butters And The Redball Rockets The Ballad Of John Hardy REDBALL RR 030
80 Jenny Peters   This Is Jenny Peters (Album) REDBALL RR 031
80 Sage  Going Strong (Album) REDBALL RR 032
80 Nigel Stonier  Spotlight Lovers REDBALL RR 033
80 Not Traced REDBALL RR 034
80 Nigel Stonier Spotlight Lovers REDBALL RR 035
80 E.F. Band The Devils Eye REDBALL RR 036

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