Independent label: Red Records was an associate of Soho independent Fresh Records.  It would seem to have issued more than a dozen singles, some of them 12" only, using an RS-000 numbering series for the 7" ones.  The only ones to date from the '70s were 'On The Air', by Post-punk band The Lines (RS-001; 1979) and a 12" by Chrome, 'Read Only Memory' (RS-12-002; 1979).  The Lines had previously put out a single on Linear records with a rather different line-up; they went on to issue several more records on Red, and of late they have started to gain belated recognition, with several compilation CDs appearing.  People in the know have put them in the same file as Wire, Talking Heads and Television.  Red appears to have operated from 1979-83.  Distributed By Spartan Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Lines On The Air RED RS 001
79 Chrome Read Only Memory (12") RED RS 12 002
80 Fergusson Alex Stay Wiyh Me Tonight RED RS 003
80 Material Discourse RED RS 004
80 Lines Cool Snap (12") RED RS 12 005
81 Material Temporary Music 1 (12") RED RS 12 006
81 Lines Nerve Pylon RED RL 007
81 Material Temporary Music 2 RED RS 12 008
81 Decorators Pendulum And Swing RED RS 009
81 Lines Transit Parts 1&2 RED RS 010
88 Lines House Of Cracks Pts 1 & 2 RED RS 011
82 Material Ciguri RED RS 012
82 Mood Elevators Georgie Girl RED RS 013

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