Red Planet Records was a DIY label. It managed two singles. 'Life In The 1980s', by the Martian Schoolgirls (RPR-1) appearing in November 1979.  The Schoolgirls had a second single out, in 1981, on the Albion label. Distributed By Red Planet Records. The Martian Schoolgirls was Formed in 1978, in Dorset they Disbanded 1981. Band Members Steve Smith (vocals, bass), Steve Burdon (guitar), Dan Kelleher (bass), Paul Olar (drums). Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Martian Schoolgirls Life In The 1980s RED PLANET R.P.R. 1
89 The Martians It's The 1990s RED PLANET R.P.R. 2001

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