Independent label: Red Lightnin' Records is 'Britain and Europe's Finest Post-War Blues Label', is the claim made on the label of, above; which is as clear a statement of policy as anyone could wish for. Not every Red Lightnin' product bore the actual Red Lightnin' label: the sleeve of the EP pictured, which was issued in 1979, has the company's logo on it, but the label on the record inside, although it has the appropriate Red Lightnin' catalogue number, is merely a variant on the ordinary Lightning Records label.  Was it a reissue?  Despite the similarity between their names Red Lightnin' and Lightning don't appear to have been linked. Red Lightnin' operated out of North Lopham, Norfolk, and seems to have distributed its records itself.  In the 1970s, its LPs, EPs and singles shared a common numerical series, with each type of record using a different prefix: RL45-0090 might have been followed by RLEP-0091, had the numbering ever reached those heights.  The company was still operative into the 1990s  According to the label of the Tommy Tucker single pictured, unauthorised public broadcasting of Red Lightnin' records was allowed; which was nice of them. Distributed By Red Lightnin' Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

69 Buddy Guy In The Beginning (Album)  RED LIGHTNIN' RL 0001
69 Little Walter Quarter To Twelve (Album)  RED LIGHTNIN' RL 0002
69 John Lee Hooker No Friend Around (Album)  RED LIGHTNIN' RL 0003
69 Albert Collins Alive & Cool (Album)   RED LIGHTNIN' RL 0004
70 Various Artists Blues In D Natural (Album)  RED LIGHTNIN' RL 0005
71 Various Artists When Girls Do It (Album)  RED LIGHTNIN' RL 0006
72 Junior Wells In My Younger Days (Album)  RED LIGHTNIN' RL 0007
72 Walter Horton & Paul Butterfield An Offer You Can't Refuse (Album)  RED LIGHTNIN' RL 0008
72 Earl Hooker There's A Fungus Among Us (Album)  RED LIGHTNIN' RL 0009
74 Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown San Antonio Ballbuster (Album)  RED LIGHTNIN' RL 0010
75 Little Milton Raise A Little Sand (Album)  RED LIGHTNIN' RL 0011
75 Billy Boy Arnold Blow The Back Off It (Album)  RED LIGHTNIN' RL 0012
76 Johnny 'Guitar' Watson The Gangster Is Back (Album)  RED LIGHTNIN' RL 0013
76 Billy Boy Arnold Sinner's Prayer (Album)  RED LIGHTNIN' RL 0014
76 Jimi Hendrix Woke Up This Morning And Found Myself Dead (Album)  RED LIGHTNIN' RL 0015
76 Ike Turner's Kings Of Rhythm I'm Tore Up (Album)  RED LIGHTNIN' RL 0016
78 Various Artists Guitar Star (Album)  RED LIGHTNIN' RL 0017
78 Earl Hooker, Jody Williams The Leading Brand (Album)  RED LIGHTNIN' RL 0018
78 Various Artists Records Was Cheap To Make Then (Album)  RED LIGHTNIN' RL 0019
78 Various Artists Hits That Missed (Album)  RED LIGHTNIN' RL 0020
78 Various Artists Trying To Make A Living (Album)  RED LIGHTNIN' RL 0021
78 Tommy Tucker Mother Tucker (Album)  RED LIGHTNIN' RL 0022
78 Isaac Scott Blues Band Isaac Scott Blues Band (Album)  RED LIGHTNIN' RL 0023
79 Billy Boy Arnold Checkin' It Out (Album)  RED LIGHTNIN' RL 0024
79 Screamin' Jay Hawkins Screamin' The Blues (Album)  RED LIGHTNIN' RL 0025
79 Buster Benton Bluesbuster (Album)  RED LIGHTNIN' RL 0026
79 Billy Boy Arnold / Little Walter Superharps RED LIGHTNIN' RL EP 0027
80 Troyce Key, J.J. Malone & The Rhythm Rockers I've Gotta New Car (Album)  RED LIGHTNIN' RL 0028
80 Clayton Love Come On Home Blues (10") RED LIGHTNIN' RL 0029
80 Little Johnny Taylor I Shoulda Been A Preacher (Album)  RED LIGHTNIN' RL 0030
80 Tucker Tommy Hi Heels Sneakers RED LIGHTNIN' RL 45 0031
80 Split Rivitt Soul Limbo RED LIGHTNIN' RL 45 0032
81 Various Artists The Devil's Music (Album)  RED LIGHTNIN' RL 0033
81 Buddy Guy & Junior Wells With Bill Wyman Drinkin' T.N.T N' Smoking Dynamite (Album)  RED LIGHTNIN' RL 0034
82 Roy Gaines Gainelining (Album)  RED LIGHTNIN' RL 0035
82 Luther Allison South Side Safari (Album)  RED LIGHTNIN' RL 0036
82 Tommy Tucker The Rocks Is My Pillow - The Cold Ground Is My Bed (Album)  RED LIGHTNIN' RL 0037
83 Various More Devil's Music (Album)  RED LIGHTNIN' RL 0038
83 Eddie Simpson & Marcell Strong Two Soul Chiefs (Album)  RED LIGHTNIN' RL 0039
83 Big Twist And The Mellow Fellows One Track Mind (Album)  RED LIGHTNIN' RL 0040
83 Eddie Kirkland The Way It Was (Album)  RED LIGHTNIN' RL 0041
83 King Curtis That's Alright (Album)  RED LIGHTNIN' RL 0042
83 Troyce Key, J.J. Malone & The Rhythm Rockers Younger Than Yesterday (Album)  RED LIGHTNIN' RL 0043
83 The Dynatones Featuring Charlie Musselwhite Curtain Call (Album)  RED LIGHTNIN' RL 0044
83 Billy Boy It'S Great To Be Rich RED LIGHTNIN' RL 45 0045
80 The Method The Pink Panther RED LIGHTNIN' MM 1
80 The Method Chances RED LIGHTNIN' MM 2

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