Independent label: Red Hot Records was a Rockabilly label, operating out of West Norwood, London.  Its only single release was 'Rockin' Mood' by The Killer (RH-100; 3/79), an instrumental Rock 'n' Roll version of the famous Glenn Miller tune 'In The Mood'.  The Killer appears to have been from mainland Europe, possibly from Holland - 'Rockin' Mood' came out on Ariola over there in 1973.  Presumably some Rock 'n' Roll fan heard it, liked it, licensed it and reissued it.  The distributor was Lugton.  There were another four Red Hot! releases, all of which were EPs; they were numbered in the REP-1000s, they came out in or around 1980, and a couple of them at least were distributed by Pinnacle. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Killer  Rockin' Mood RED HOT RH 100

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