Independent label: Redeye Records seems to have become 'Red Eye' after the release of its first record - put out at least three singles, only one of which, 'Cadillac Walk' by New Wave band The Cadillacs (EYE-1; 1978) came out in the '70s.  The second, a NWOBHM single by Nightime Flyer, 'Out With A Vengeance' (EYE-2), was recorded in November 1979 but appears to have been released in early 1980.  Another single by The Cadillacs, 'Billy' (EYE-3) completed the trio, in that same year.  There was another Red Eye Records in the '80s: it was owned by Wild Willy Barrett, and it numbered its singles in the RED-0s. Distributed By Redeye Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Cadillacs Cadillac Walk RED EYE EYE 1
80 Night Time Flyer Out With A Vengeance RED EYE EYE 2
80 Cadillacs Billy RED EYE EYE 3

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