Red Domino Records was the sister-label to Domino Records.  Both were owned by the Ditchburn Organisation, of Lytham, whose main business was the supply of jukeboxes and vending-machines.  The fare offered by both labels seems to have been pub-singalong stuff, of the type made popular in the late '50s and early '60s by the likes of Mrs. Mills - who actually had a single out on Red Domino - and the Big Ben Banjo Band.  Presumably there was a difference between the sort of material which came out on Red Domino and that which surfaced on the parent label, but it's not immediately obvious what that difference was - the Red Domino records appear to have been licensed from EMI, which may have something to do with it.  Be that as it may, Red Domino had the same design as Domino, apart from the addition of the word 'RED' above the logo.  Singles were numbered in an RD-100 numerical series, and there were at least three of them.  Domino records were pressed by Pye, but Red Domino ones weren't. The rarity of records on Red Domino suggests that they didn't sell particularly well. Distributed By Domino Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

71 Neville Dickie For Me And My Girl RED DOMINO RD 101
71 Mrs Mills Chicago Medley RED DOMINO RD 102
71 Black And White Minstrels Bonnie Scotland Medley RED DOMINO RD 103

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