Independent label: Red Bus Records was a record label of music publishers Red Bus (International) it first saw the light of day in April 1980, which puts it outside the scope of this site.  Its singles were numbered in the RBUS-50s and it was handled by Pye / PRT. However, two singles published by Red Bus came out in 1979 on EMI, with a Red Bus logo; they were numbered in an RB-100 catalogue series.  Why they were given separate numbers but not a separate label needs explaining.  Be that as it may, I thought that the numbers and the logo were sufficient for Red Bus to get a mention on a site dedicated to records of the '70s. Distributed By EMI Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 English Boys The Entertainer RED BUS RB  101
79 Voice Steve U.F.O. RED BUS RB  102

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