Independent label: Red Admiral Records was the label of Europa Sound Studios, of Folkestone.  It was owned by Chris Ashman and Mike Craig, and it issued singles, EPs, LPs and cassettes sporadically from 1979 to around 1986.  The singles, of which there were four, were numbered in a NYMPH-000 series; only NYMPH-001, Arthur Kay's 'Ska-Wars', is from the '70s.  The recordings covered various genres, from the Ska of Arthur Kay through Religious songs by David and Graham to a spoken word album on how to pass your driving test.  The label was revived in 2004. Distributed By Red Admiral Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Arthur Kay Ska Wars / Warska RED ADMIRAL NYMPH 001
80 Arthuir Kay's Originals Play My Record / Sooty is a Rudie RED ADMIRAL NYMPH 002
82 Bilko Craig and Benltley/A Time to be Brave RED ADMIRAL NYMPH 003
86 The Rocking Horse Club Think Yourself Lucky RED ADMIRAL NYMPH 004

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