Recommended Records was An arm of Chris Cutler's 'Re' Records, devoted to material which didn't feature Cutler himself either solo or in collaborations.  Recommended started out in 1978 as a mail-order service but soon developed into a label.  Like its parent, it leaned towards unusual / Avant Garde material.  Although its first releases appeared in 1979 the vast majority of them came in the 1980s.  It concentrated on albums, but it was responsible for a few 7" records, one of which came out in 1979.  The record in question was an EP, 'Extracts From Faust Party 3', containing two tracks by German group Faust, 'Extract 1' and 'Extract 4'.  It had a catalogue number of RR One Point Five, and it appeared in four different forms in 1979-80. The another two extracts were issued in 1980.  Early Recommended records seem to have been given blank or handwritten labels; the 1979 Faust EP had a green one on one side and a red one on the other, as the scans show.  The Recommended label was combined with Re in the 1990s to form the ReR Megacorp, which is still going today. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Faust Faust (Album) RECOMMENDED RR ONE
79 Faust Extracts From Faust Party 3 RECOMMENDED RR 1.5
79 Faust So Far (Album) RECOMMENDED RR TWO
79 Art Zoyd Musique Pour L'Odyssée (Album) RECOMMENDED RR THREE
79 Univers Zero Heresie (Album) RECOMMENDED RR FOUR
80 Slapp Happy Acnalbasac Noom (Album) RECOMMENDED RR FIVE
80 Slapp Happy Alcohol RECOMMENDED RR 5.75
80 Faust The Faust Tapes (Album) RECOMMENDED RR SIX
80 Faust Faust Party 3 Extracts #2 RECOMMENDED RR 6.5
80 Znr Barricade 3 (Album) RECOMMENDED RR SEVEN
80 Vogel Good Morning RECOMMENDED RR 7.5
81 Various Recommended Records Sampler RECOMMENDED RR EIGHT
82 Various Artists The Recommended Records Sampler RECOMMENDED RR 8.9
82 Various Recommended Records Sampler RECOMMENDED RR NINE
82 Univers Zero Ceux Du Dehors (Album) RECOMMENDED RR TEN
82 Univers Zero Triomphe Des Mouches  RECOMMENDED RR 10.5
82 Sun Ra Nuits De La Fondation Maeght Vol. I. (Album) RECOMMENDED RR 11
82 Slapp Happy / Henry Cow Desperate Straights (Album) RECOMMENDED RR 12
82 Not Issued RECOMMENDED RR 13
82 Art Zoyd Phase Iv (Album) RECOMMENDED RR 14
82 Art Zoyd Manège  RECOMMENDED RR 14.5
82 Art Zoyd Phase Iv (Album) RECOMMENDED RR 15
82 Patrick Portella / Joseph Racaille Les Flots Bleus (Album) RECOMMENDED RR 16
83 Joseph Racaille 6 Petites Chansons RECOMMENDED RR 16.5
83 Wha-Ha-Ha Wha-Ha-Ha (Album) RECOMMENDED RR 17
84 The Homosexuals The Homosexuals' Record (Album) RECOMMENDED RR 18
84 Unrest Work & Play Informs (Album) RECOMMENDED RR C 19
84 After Dinner After Dinner  (Album) RECOMMENDED RR C 20
84 Mnemonists Horde (Album) RECOMMENDED RR C 21
85 Various Artists Aide Memoire / Folk Music / Sonáty Slavíckové (Album) RECOMMENDED RR 22
86 Jaroslav Krcek Raab (Album) RECOMMENDED RR 23
86 Kalahari Surfers Living In The Heart Of The Beast (Album) RECOMMENDED RR C 24
86 Faust Munic & Elsewhere (Album)  RECOMMENDED RR 25
86 Kalahari Surfers Sleep Armed (Album) RECOMMENDED RR 26
87 Biota Bellowing Room (Album) RECOMMENDED RR C 27
87 Roberto Musci / Giovanni Venosta Water Messages On Desert Sand (Album) RECOMMENDED RR C 28
87 Wondeur Brass Simoneda, Reine Des Esclaves (Album) RECOMMENDED RR C 29
88 Steve Moore A Quiet Gathering (Album) RECOMMENDED RER 30
88 Biota Tinct (Album) RECOMMENDED RR C 31
88 Jocelyn Robert Stat Live Moniteur (Album) RECOMMENDED RER 32


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