Independent label: Rebel Records was run by Dave Howman and Gavin Dare.  Catalogue numbers suggest that Rebel issued at least five singles, using a REBEL-0 numerical series, but I haven't been able to pin down REBEL-4.  Marketing was by Psycho Records, distribution of the first release was by Spartan, but by the time that 'My Future's Here At Last' by Rascal (REBEL-5; 2/79) came out, One Stop was handling the label's distribution.  There were also at least a couple of albums, from Jamie Stone and from Scene Stealer.  The company was well enough organized for some of its records - including those albums - to be released in Germany, through Crystal; Scene Stealer were reportedly more popular abroad than in the U.K.  The Jamie Stone LP, 'Let It Shine', came out on Harvest (SHSP-4080) in the U.K., and on EMI (IEMC-6009) in his native Ireland, where he had enjoyed a No.1 single, 'I Believe In Love' (IEMI-5052) in 1976. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Rascal Ecstacy REBEL  REBEL 1
78 Stone Jamie  I'D Give It All Away REBEL  REBEL 2
78 Scene Stealer Ballerina REBEL  REBEL 3
78 Not Traced REBEL  REBEL 4
79 Rascal My Future'S Here At Last REBEL  REBEL 5

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