Independent label: Real Records The first label of the 1970s appears to have been either a small independent or, perhaps more likely, a custom recording concern.  It issued more than a dozen records during 1975 to 1976, most of which - including the one shown - were albums.  It did however put out at least one single, 'Five Hundred Miles' by Country singer Jon Derek (RR-2010; 1976), a scan of which has so far escaped me.  The single shared the albums' RR-2000 numbering.  The Mad Jocks & Englishmen LP 'One Too Many Mornings' (RR-2013; 1976), as did an EP by A.G. & Kate, 'On The Narrow Gauge Train Track' (RR-2014; 1976).  That EP is reported to be on the Country label Westwood Records, of Montgomery.  Was Real a subsidiary of that company?  Distributed By Real Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Shakespear Stay with Shakespear (Album) REAL RR 2001
75 Pageant Pageant (Album) REAL RR 2002
75 Andrew Dwyer Ballads Of A Wanderer (Album) REAL RR 2003
75 Mabel Joy Mabel Joy (Album) REAL RR 2004
75 John Timpany and Audrey Smith The Turtle Dove (Album) REAL RR 2005
75 Royston Jones Royston Jones (Album) REAL RR 2006
75 Not Traced REAL RR 2007
75 Not Traced REAL RR 2008
76 Goodfoot TBC (Album) REAL RR 2009
76 Jon Derek Five Hundred Miles REAL RR 2010
76 Roger & Judi Roger & Judi (Album) REAL RR 2011
76 Not Traced REAL RR 2012
76 Mad Jocks & Englishmen One Too Many Mornings (Album) REAL RR 2013
76 A.G. & Kate On The Narrow Gauge Train Track WESTWOOD RR 2014

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