RCR Records was a DIY label. It did better than most self-financed labels by running to three releases.  Two were singles, one was an album, and all were by Manchester outfit the Reg Coates Experience.  There was no date on the labels of the singles, but 'C'est La Vie' b/w 'Watching You, Watching Me' (RC-2) is listed as being from 1979, which suggests that RC-1, 'Angelino' b/w 'Wounded' came out either in that same year or in 1978.  The logo turned 90% left and migrated to 9 o'clock for the second single.  The album, 'Live At Blighty's, Volume 1' came out in 1978; there doesn't appear to have been a 'Volume 2'. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info. The Reg Coates Experience from Manchester, became known after the Reg Coates Combo split in the early 70s for a short period. The combo often contained one or more of Reg's brothers. The new band only contained the best available musicians. Two long standing lead guitarists were Dave Dunne from Wythenshawe and Harry Barber (who sadly died a few years ago) from New Mills. Bass players and drummers came and went regularly due to Reg's high level of ability and low tolerence of alcohol problems but these 2 guys were around for many years. Jason Coates, Reg's son, joined the band for 5 years as a bass player from 86 to 91 and now lives in Portugal.

78 Reg Coates Experience Angelino RCR RC 1
79 Reg Coates Experience C'Est La Vie RCR RC 2
78 Reg Coates Experience Live At Blighty's Vol.1 (Album) RCR RCR 1

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